BNAM 2024
May 22nd to 24th

Baltic-Nordic Acoustic Meeting 2024 May 22nd to 24th Hanasaari, Espoo


Download the Program in PDF format:
BNAM2024 program schedule↗

The conference will start at 8:30 22.5.2024 and the final session will finish at latest 16:30 24.5.2024. The sessions and workshops will start at 8:30 each morning.

Each day will include two coffee breaks and a lunch, and the event banquet will be held on the evening of 23.5.2024 in the Helsinki city centre.

The “City tour Exhibition” will be taking place on the Thursday afternoon 14:50-16:50. The tour will include in-situ commentary of the most recent rails development of Finland Raide-Jokeri, with our guide the lead acoustician of the project Pekka Taina. The tour will also display noise control measures which have been implemented along the busiest roads in Finland, varying styles and challenges involved in noise barriers and city planning around the Greater Helsinki.

Psychoacoustic experiment

This BNAM also offers the chance to participate in a listening experiment! This conference truly delivers the “hands on” concept, as Valtteri Hongisto and his team from Turku University of Applied Sciences, for the first time, conduct an experiment outside a controlled laboratory! Data from volunteering delegates will be gathered during the first two days, and the results will be presented on Friday. Each test takes 10-15 min. The target is to get at least 30 delegates as participants. We warmly welcome all interested participants to test out their “golden calibrated ears”!

This BNAM will offer an opportunity for more indepth exploration to tools and methods with workshops


The event will host seven extensive, 2-hour workshops starting in the afternoon of the first day and lasting throughout the meet! We’re very excited to introduce this new concept to BNAM; rather than a quick sales pitch this will be your opportunity to learn and explore a software or hardware in expert guidance!

Workshops will be held alongside the presentations, but they will not conflict with the keynotes. There will not be pre-registering, but be prepared with a laptop and a charger when you join in. Further information about downloads and demos that will be required beforehand will be sent out closer to the event.

Please be aware that places are limited to 60 people / workshop. 10 units will be available for the dosimeter workshop.

Workshop materials

Python for acousticians material package zip↗
ODEON Workshop program and instructions.pdf↗